September -2023  

8th::                       Vintage FAI Pro P30 Challenge  -Tangent, OR

9th::                       Vintage Wakefield  -Tangent, OR

8th-9th:h:               Silents Please and Old  Timers  -Tangent, OR

8th-10th:                Tangent Classic/FAI Challenge Meet-Tangent, OR

29th:h:                    Vintage FAI Pro P30 Challenge  -Tangent, OR

29th-Oct 1st:          Fall Annual FF Contest -Tangent, OR6th-18th:                    United States  Free Flight champs-   -Lost Hills

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18th:                                 PMAC monthly contest - Eloy


Sept 30-Oct 2nd:         Fall Annual   Vintage FAI and  Pro P30 Challenge,  -Tangent, OR


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28th-30th:                   Fall Annual Recycled Trophy Contest -Tangent, OR

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