February -2022    



Fab Feb Postponed till later due to Covid

6th:                                   Kiwi Large FAI & Isaacson AMA - Lost Hills

7th:                                   Kiwi FAI Minis & Isaacson AMA  - Lost Hills

8th:                                   Max Men Minis  - Lost Hills

9th:                                   Kiwi F1E  - Lost Hills

10th:                                 Cal Cup F1E  - Lost Hills

13th:                                 Max Men Large FAI  - Lost Hills

14th:                                 North American Cup  - Lost Hills


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8th-10th:        Issacson Winter Cla

ssic and Kiwi World Cup FAI Events - Lost Hills

 Flier here

8th-9th:        Issacson Winter Classic AMA - Lost Hills

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10th:               Kiwi F1E World Cup

- Lost Hills

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12th:               North American World Cup F1ABCPQ- Lost Hills


13th:               Cal Cup World Cup F1E- Lost Hills

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13th-15th        MaxMen FAI World Cup- Lost Hills

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