Lost Hills Free Flight Model Airfield Association
Message from The LHFFMAA Board of Directors
We would like to welcome all flyers attending the week long Fabulous February competition and remind you that we need to respect the orchards that are south and west of our flying field.  The Owners have given us permission to ride our chase vehicles into the orchards without supervision.  When you enter an orchard, only ride down the rows, which are defined by the plastic irrigation pipe. 
Please do not ride over the plastic pipe.  If you go down the wrong row and your model is one or more rows away, park your chase vehicle and walk to the model.   AT ALL TIMES, be careful not to step on the plastic irrigation pipe.
The trees are getting very tall.  If your model lands in a tree DO NOT climb the tree to retrieve it.   Again, the Owners have generously given us the opportunity to chase our models into their orchards.  If we damage their trees in retrieving our models they will take away this important privilege.  
The best way to remove a model from a tree is with a long pole with a hook on a piece of string.   We now have a 26-foot long telescoping pole to help with retrieval.  See the Contest Director for this pole. 
If you drive over the plastic irrigation pipe or climb a tree, you will be immediately referred to the Jury for disciplinary action including immediate disqualification and removal from the field for the remainder of the week’s competition.

Please be prepared to move if the drift sends our models into the orchards.  The area to the north (Cashin and Holloway) can be used and the flight line will be moved by the CD when needed.
One last item, please respect the speed limit on the dirt roads.  We share the roads with the Holloway Gypsum Company.  They have a speed limit posted on several of the roads in the area and we need to respect that posted speed limit of 20 mph. 
Thank You and Have a Great Week!
Bill Booth
President LHFFMAA

Speed Limit: 20 MPH for all vehicles including chase vehicles on all roads.

Speed Limit: 10 MPH for all vehicles including chase vehicles in & near camping, parking and flying areas

Acceptable chase vehicles are motorcycles, quad cycles, golf carts, bicycles and similar vehicles.

Cars, trucks, vans or any other similar vehicles may be NOT be used to chase models across open fields at any time.  If you must use this type of vehicle for fly away chases, you must stay on obvious roads.

No Moto-Flapping  (Flapping on motorcycles or other motorized vehicles)

Do not park on roads unless directed to do so by Contest Management

Keep all passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, etc.) minimum 100 feet from flight lines and flying areas

Passenger vehicles may be used to deliver & set up flight line equipment, but must be moved to designated parking areas no less than 10 minutes prior to round one, or prior to the start of the next round after the flight line has been moved.

Passenger vehicles may be used to pick-up flight line equipment:
  1. 10 minutes after the horn ending the final fly-off round for the day.
  2. Immediately after the horn ending a round prior to moving the flight line.
Please keep all areas of the field including north and west flight line areas clean.  Pick up and remove everything you bring including broken motors, model parts, food wrappers, etc.  Leave your flying area cleaner than when you arrived. 



Do not climb trees at any time for any reason.  Ask Contest Director for telescoping pole and ladder.

Do not step on or drive across plastic irrigation piping in orchards.

Chase vehicles are only allowed to drive down open rows between and parallel to trees.  Please ride as far away from trees as possible and if on foot, minimize walking across the irrigation pipes.

Under no circumstances shall passenger vehicles enter the orchard areas.  Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the flying site.